Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, RECIPE NETWORK develops, market and operates a recipe portal that publish chef-curated recipes for home cooking. Our online store sells quality cooking tools, packaged recipes and drinks.


The original idea was simple: Cooking good food should be easy, fast and affordable. The full-service operation – which includes chef curated recipes, packaged ingredients, cooking tools and how to videos — is inspired by that simple desire – to help the world cook good food fast.


RECIPE NETWORK is a social platform for people who love to cook and share recipes with each other. You can create your personal profile and follow your favorite chefs to see what’s cooking in their kitchens. You can bookmark recipes you like for future use, write reviews and rate recipes.


We publish two type of recipes:

  1. Chef curated recipes you can easily prepare at home.
  2. Product recipes submitted by food and beverages brands to showcase their food creations and help you use their products better.

Each recipes comes with:

  • Ingredients list
  • Nutritional information (where applicable)
  • Social media sharing
  • Recipe cooking steps
  • Recipe reading mode
  • Integrated timer
  • Instant recipe search
  • Search by ingredients
  • Recipe review and rating
  • Recipe bookmarks and collections